The Beauty and Durability of Wood Countertops

Wood countertops are not for everybody. Just like any other surface, they come with pros and cons. But if given the proper amount of care, a wooden countertop can maintain its good looking clean appearance for years.

For many homeowners, wooden countertops are more appealing and eye-pleasing than their other counterparts such as marble, tile or granite. These surfaces tend to be very smooth and glossy and therefore, give off a warm ambiance to the environment. The fact that they are also naturally durable makes them better alternatives for those who are looking to upgrade their home’s look. This is because these surfaces are not prone to any kind of wear and tear unlike the other types of surfaces.

Wooden countertops are not only more attractive and durable but also look more presentable and beautiful. In fact, this is why they are usually preferred by the majority of people, especially when it comes to decorating their home.

Despite the fact that they are considered as attractive, wooden surfaces tend to absorb dust which is the number one enemy of any surface. The dust is known to cause a lot of problems to your home’s interior. When left unattended, it can eventually ruin the finish on your wooden countertop and therefore, making it look shabby. To keep your wood surface free from dust, you need to vacuum and sweep it regularly.

It is recommended to clean your wooden surfaces on a regular basis but do not let your diligence stop there. For instance, it would be better to clean the surface after each use of your oven or stove. Doing this will help to get rid of dirt and bacteria on the surface which can affect the way that your wood looks.

Finally, make sure that you never go overboard cleaning your countertop. Although wood is a natural product, it can still absorb stains as well. Therefore, do not scrub and scratch the surface too hard as this will only ruin its look.

And of course, do not ever leave water marks on the wooden surface either. Water marks tend to show a darker shade than other stains thus giving your countertop a dingy look.

In order to maintain a clean surface, it is important to maintain a clean environment around your countertop as well. Make sure that you clean the countertop as soon as possible after washing your kitchen and dishwasher as the particles of detergent, soap, and other cleaning solutions may still be on your counter top when you vacuum or sweep.

Keeping your countertop clean is important as dirt and bacteria may enter into your counter top from dirt particles found on the floor, furniture, shoes and other surfaces. Therefore, it is important to clean your wooden surface as much before use. This will ensure that your countertop stays as clean as you had hoped.