Office furniture is the furnishing of work areas in offices and other workplaces

Office furniture is the furnishing of work areas in offices and other workplaces. It includes desks, chairs, tables, credenzas, bookcases, and other similar pieces. The furniture is designed to provide a productive and comfortable environment for employees and to enhance the appearance of the workspace. The term is used to describe both the furniture itself and the accessories that are necessary to support it, such as a computer monitor, printer, and other hardware. In industrialized nations, most people who work have some form of office furniture in their work space.

The most important piece of office furniture is the desk. It needs to be large enough to allow a person to sit at it and work, with sufficient space for the computer or notebook, and a few everyday items like pencils and pens. It should also be ergonomically designed to reduce strain and discomfort. It is possible to buy ergonomically designed desks for a very reasonable price, and they can improve the productivity of the employee considerably.

In addition to desks, most people need a chair that is comfortable to sit in for long periods of time. It is not uncommon for workers to spend 8 or more hours a day sitting at their computers, and it is very important to ensure that the chair is comfortable and supportive. A good quality chair can reduce back pain and other physical problems associated with poor posture. A good chair can also help to increase the efficiency of the worker, as well as improving their morale.

The remainder of the furniture needed in an office varies depending on the type of workplace. For example, waiting areas may need more casual pieces such as sofas and coffee tables to encourage conversation. In more formal areas, such as a conference room or office, it is important to have the right equipment for meetings and presentations. A whiteboard or chalkboard will often be required in these spaces, although many organizations choose to invest in Smartboards for a more collaborative workspace.

The leading producers of office furniture are based mainly in the United States, with companies such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, and Haworth being prominent. Other American companies include HON, Allsteel, and Knoll. Several of these companies participate in the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA). Globalization has had a mixed impact on the industry, increasing exports but also resulting in a rapid growth in imports. Some of the leading manufacturers have established plants in China and other parts of the world to serve growing demand for their products. The domestic market for office furniture has also grown as telecommuting has become increasingly popular. Many workers in industrialized countries now have the option to work from home, and this trend is likely to continue.