How Much Does Porta Potty Hire Cost?

When you need to hire a portable toilet, whether for a wedding or an outdoor concert, the cost can vary. Depending on the type of toilet you choose, its setup and service, the portaloo hire cost can range from $80 to $500 per day. Most rental companies offer discounts when you hire for longer periods. This is because the more time you rent a toilet, the less costly it is for the company to transport and set it up.

You can rent a porta potty portable toilet hire cost for a day, week or month at a time. Most portable toilet hire companies require a damage waiver that you pay upfront before they will deliver a unit. Many companies also require a weekly fee for servicing and maintenance. This may include rechargeable sanitizing liquid; interior wall and urinal sanitation; soap, paper towel, water and toilet paper restocking; and septic tank pumping and cleaning.

A standard portable toilet costs around $85 to $125 per day. This basic toilet has a sink and is a great option for events that need handwashing stations or job sites that do not have access to public restrooms. You can also choose to rent a portable toilet with a flushing toilet for about $150 to $200 per day. This option can be a great solution for high-stress events, such as concerts or movie shoots.

An executive porta potty is a more luxurious version of the standard portable toilet. These can be found at weddings or on movie sets. They have a sink and flushing toilet, as well as a vanity area for washing hands. They are usually more expensive than a standard portable toilet.

Regardless of the type of portable toilet you select, it is important to have adequate amounts to meet your crowd’s needs. For a large event, the American National Standards Institute recommends one portable toilet for every 10 people attending over 40 hours. If you have a smaller crowd, you can reduce the number of portable toilets needed.

A deluxe portable toilet can be a great addition to any event, especially if you want to impress your guests or clients. They come with a vanity and mirror, handwash basins, a seat, an occupied/vacant sign, and a waste basket. You can also find a flushing portable toilet that connects to a main sewer line for a more clean and pleasant experience. These are usually more expensive than standard portable toilets, but they can be a great solution for construction jobs that may last months or an outdoor event that is expecting a lot of guests. The key is to research and compare prices before selecting a portable toilet. Be sure to read the fine print of each agreement before signing to avoid any hidden fees and expenses. By taking the time to find a reputable portable toilet rental company, you can rest assured that your event or project will be a success.