Fursysoc manufactures and distributes office furniture

Fursysoc manufactures and distributes office furniture. The Company offers desks and panels, premiere class furniture, conference tables, personal computer (PC) tables, executive chairs, multi-purpose chairs, sofa, sofa tables, lobby chairs, lounge chairs, partitions, and other products. fursysoc serves customers worldwide.


enAble Series is a total furniture solution with ergonomic design and convenient systems, redefining the new office that enables horizontal communication while improving productivity. It has been well received by domestic and overseas markets, winning many design authentications and good-selling awards.

FGS is a comprehensive service that Fursys provides to support the global market expansion of domestic companies, covering consulting, planning, production, export, installation, and after sales services globally.

Whether you work from home or in an office building, your workspace should reflect your style and inspire your productivity. Costco’s selection of office furniture allows you to create an office that is functional, comfortable and reflects your personality. Whether you are looking for commercial-quality folding tables and chairs, or a new desk and ergonomic chair, Costco has everything you need to design the perfect workspace.

Investing in the right office furniture can increase workplace efficiency, reduce injuries and decrease employee absenteeism caused by physical strain. The right furniture will also encourage collaboration and creativity, making your employees happy and productive. The old adage “you get what you pay for” applies to office furniture in a big way, especially with upholstered pieces that can wear out quickly if they are made from cheap materials or have low-quality construction. The cheapest furniture may be held together with nails, staples and glue, while higher-quality pieces will feature timber jointing like dovetail or mortise and tenon.